Air care with pure natural forest oil Deodorant and exhaust (NO2) removal

Clear Forest is a natural air care product originating in the forest that uses a natural mechanism to clean the air. Natural forest oil, extracted from fir trees in Hokkaido, dispels unpleasant odors and removes exhaust gas (NO2). Now your car can have the same crystal clear air as the forest itself.

Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, exhaust gas (NO2) exists all around roads

Just place Clear Forest and press the button to greatly reduce exhaust gas (NO2) in your car

The new concept in natural air care products using the air purification mechanism of the forest

The forest is equipped with a self cleaning mechanism that keeps its air pure. Clear Forest is made from the natural forest oil extracted from that mechanism. It is an air care product that makes your air healthier with the power of the forest, gentle to both the body and mind.