Bring the blessings of the forest to your body and mind.

S.T. aims to balance the comfort of everyday life with a refreshing forest through 'Clear Forest', the oil that purifies air in your living space with the power of the forest.

The forest itself held a natural ¨air purifying mechanism¨ all along.

Air in the forest is kept clean thanks to the forest fragrance produced by trees, which binds with NO2 (an air pollutant) and drops it to the ground as part of an autopurification system. Clear Forest puts this mechanism to use.

Natural forest oil is a blessing, extracted directly from the forest to serve as the active ingredient in Clear Forest

Natural forest oil, the extracted fragrance of the forest, not only has air purifying effects, but also functions as a deodorant and antioxidant, and gives the refreshing feel of a walk in the woods. Clear Forest is a new concept in air care products that uses the same mechanism as the forest itself to make your air healthy again.

The Clear Forest: Where fir trees rich in forest fragrance (β-Phellandrene) grow as far as the eye can see

β-Phellandrene, the active component in the scent of the forest, is an excellent air purifier. It can be found in great abundance in the branches and leaves of fir trees grown in Kushiro, Hokkaido, and those very fir trees are the key component of our product. From the Clear Forest in the lands of the north, we deliver the comfort of mother nature.

We put previously untapped fir branches and leaves to use at last. A sustainable business that helps people and the forest grow healthy together

Thinning is the process of culling trees necessary to help the forest grow. Tree trunks harvested in the thinning process are used as construction materials, but tree branches and leaves have been practically ignored until now. The Clear Forest business uses those untapped branches and leaves as the starting point of a cyclical business model ideal for both people and the forest.